Stress management and breathing technique, July 16, 2017 8pm EST

Date of free workshop changed to July 16, 2017.  Enjoy your summer break!

Run by Kelly Hall, Top 10 USA Yoga Competitor, Yoga and Wellness Coach

最近一部描写青少年心理问题为主题(13 Reasons Why)的电视剧牵动着大家的神经,除了视觉冲击下的一些镜头,粗鲁的语言被专家们认为不适合给青年们看,剧中对青少年自杀的描写是很多专家呼吁阻止青少年观看此剧的更为重要的原因。而事实上,专家们的担心是有理由的。根据美国疾病控制及预防中心报告,在1024岁的青年人中,自杀已经成为导致死亡的第三大因素。 是什么导致这样的结果呢?剧中一位华裔孩子的话也许道出了真谛: 实,我们哪个人不是承受着很多心理压力呢?在强大的心理压力下,也许就会有一件在我们看来极小极平凡的事,成为压在他们身上的最后一根稻草。

们知道限制处在信息时代的孩子观看显然是不现实的,那么我们该做些什么去给孩子们以正确的引导呢? 其中之一就是提供给孩子们一些有效的减轻心理压低办法。 Speak to Lead Coach Kelly Hall, Top 10 USA Yoga Competitor, Yoga and Wellness Coach to run a workshop on (1) stress management for young people and (2) breathing technique to calm down your nerve.

Kelly Weckesser Hall finds joy in guiding people of all ages towards freedom of expression and movement. She teaches self-awareness and self-care through the somatic, creative, and physical practices of dance, yoga, and exercise. Kelly is a Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, earned her BFA in Dance Performance from Towson University, and is the 2-time Maryland State Champion in the Yoga Asana Competition.  Having work-shopped with collaborative companies like Pilobolus and as a current teaching artist with Deep Vision Dance Company, Kelly sees growth and learning as a team effort, with education and acceptance at the core of her approach as an instructor and coach.;  or dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)  Meeting ID: 878 271 2588

Cost: Free

Speak to Lead LLC is committed to providing a nursing and cultivating environment for our children to grow in a wide array of softskills, such as public speaking, debate, leadership skills, stress management and emotional intelligence.

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