Speak to Lead Hosted Youth Public Speaking, Debate and Leadership Workshop at Long Island May 24, 2017

如何培养华裔青少年的公众讲演、情商以及”GRIT”能力(长岛行)应广大家长的要求,2017年5月24日晚7:30 在长岛的 workshop.


随着未来社会的多元化和融合度日益提高,较高的情商(emotional intelligence)将有助于一个人获得成功。而情商应该从小培养。情商高的孩子会有很好的自我认知,积极探索,从探索中建立自信心,建立对自我情绪的控制,抗挫折能力,喜欢与人交往,愿意分享、合作,为日后成功做准备。


一、Head Coach Mike 介绍Public Speaking 的重要性和必要性,以及怎样培养孩子的演讲能力和领导力, 如何培养情商以及GRIT的能力

二、”Speak to Lead”  Senior Coach Nick 以及Coach Mo 介绍课程。

三、现场有 Speak to Lead 的同学做演讲,我们Coach 做现场点评。



Head Coach Mike hosted a public speaking, debate and leadership skill work for young people and parents at New Color Art School located at Great Neck, Long Island, NY.

It was a hybrid workshop in that (1) coach Mike met local parents and youth speakers; (2) the workshop is aired same-time via zoom platform; and (3) Speak to Lead coaches provided speech evaluation impromptu.

Four students have impressed parents and general group in many aspects:

  • They demonstrated strong listening and observing skills by providing constructive feedback to the parent speakers. Patrick, a six-year-old, suggested a mom to reduce “ah, hm, and you know” filler words. He emphatically said, “when I was in the very early stage of class, I used these filler words as well.”
  • Patrick and Eric gave wonderful speeches about what they have learned from the public speaking program. They used power of three, story-telling, flash card, metaphor and many other speech techniques. Parents and coaches Mo Hamilton and Nick Beaudoin provided encouraging and uplifting feedback on these speeches.
  • Emily and Eric performed a duet speech in that they seamlessly dialogued a five-minute speech on, public speaking skills set you apart than 90% of the people, public speaking helps you make more friends, and public speaking helps you negotiate a better grade. They dressed nicely, presented elegantly, and posed wonderful postures on stage.

Coach Mike outlined three tracks of coaching program. These eight classes provided well-rounded and carefully-designed curriculum to our young generations so that they become great speakers, thinkers, debaters and leaders in all walks of life when they grow up. The three tracks include:

  • Public speaking track: foundational skills (101), intermediary skills (201) and speech writing technique (401);
  • Debate track: debate basics (301), competitive public forum debate (701 note below) and Model United Nations (501); and
  • Leadership track: Abraham Lincoln Leadership Skill (102) and emotional intelligence development (601).

Coach Mo talked about her new class – Abraham Lincoln Leadership Skill (102) to offer this summer. The class provides training and awareness of leadership styles, local leader identification and leadership presentation.

Coach Nick talked about his coaching style and experience. Nick has taught many levels of classes to several dozens of students at Speak to Lead LLC.

Speak to Lead expressed gratification to Mr. Tony, founder and principal of New Color Art Academy at Long Island, NY.

Special announcement: Speak to Lead LLC collaborates with Potomac Debate Academy with a pilot program of Public Forum Debate (701). Half of the classes will be led online at Zoom by Ms. Elisa Chen, founder of Potomac Debate Academy, who has eight years of coaching experience and who has trained youth debaters to national tournaments.  Half of the classes will be offered in classroom in northern Virginia and other locations led by Speak to Lead coaches.