“Speak Like A Pro” Workshop Given by Sheryl Roush, CEO of Sparkle Presentations, Inc. and Professional Speaker

Dear Students, Parents and Friends,

Professional speaker and coach, Distinguished Toastmaster, Accredited Speaker, Sheryl Roush, has given a content-rich, power-driven webinar workshop, Speak Like A Pro™ how to connect with audience with a powerful presentation.  Here are the key takeaways of the workshop.

  1. Work ethics: Sheryl studied the Speak to Lead, LLC website, talked with our coaches, and integrated her workshop content into the youth coaching program with her speech content. Sheryl demonstrated a strong sense of work ethics and respect to our unique audience. Sheryl also referenced source of each picture or visual aid.
  2. Use the “Happy Sun” approach to compile talking points of your speech. Add talking points with a “Mind Map” and put points into different segment of a speech.
  3. Have the end goal in mind when you draft and craft your speech script. Start from the end goal and build backward to the main body, then the beginning of a speech.
  4. Use the copyright protected “Presentation Worksheet” designed by Sheryl to enrich your speech script, including of these channels of communication: linguistic, mathematical/logical, visual/spatial, musical, kinesthetic/bodily/physical, inter-personal, and intra-personal/introspective.

Speak to Lead, LLC strives to cultivate public speaking and leadership skills from our young people. Speak today; lead tomorrow.

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Head Coach Mike Nie, DTM                                     

Coach Margret Ann Williams, ACS

Coach Mo Hamilton, DTM                               

Coach Nick Beaudoin, MA

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Business website: SparklePresentations.com

Exciting news!

Speak to Lead LLC invites Sheryl Roush, a professional speaker, to present to our students, parents and friends. In this lively webinar, Coach Sheryl will assess your communication skills, and then explore insights and techniques to apply immediately to public speaking, leadership, marketing, job interviewing, advocacy, relationships, and parenting.

You will:

  • Discover the 7 communication channels and tactics to connect with each listening type
  • Gain insights into effective structure, organization and delivery
  • Learn tips to save time crafting ANY type of presentation

Time / date: 7:15 P.M. Eastern Time / 4: 15 P.M. Pacific, Sunday, April 2, 2017

Log in: Zoom.us. Meeting code: 878 271 2588 (a special passcode will be distributed at the time of sign-up).

Registration website: https://register.capturepoint.com/SpeaktoLead

A small fee is required: $5 per person (to cover the expense). Speak to Lead students (current and prior) are free!

Please mail check to “PO Box 3276, Fairfax VA 22038.” Check payable to “Speak to Lead, LLC” or pay credit card at the registration website above.

About the Speaker:

Sheryl Roush is the CEO of Sparkle Presentations, Inc., based in San Diego, California. She has been a professional speaker since 1987, and a speaking coach since 1990. With her degree in Commercial Art, and over 40 years in graphic design, she blends her expertise helping others Speak And Market Like A Pro.™

She has been a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association since 1990, and received Member of the Year of two chapters and the Golden Microphone Award. Sheryl served as 2005 President of International Coach Federation/San Diego Chapter. As Director of Speaker Training for the U.S. Olympic Training Center she started the Speakers Bureau, coaching Olympians in their speaking skills.

She has presented over 3,500 presentations in 12 countries, speaking to audiences as few as 10, and to as large as 5,000. Sheryl is also a 17-time published author, received the 2016 Author of Influence Award. Her Heart of a Toastmaster book won “Best Anthology” from the International Book Awards.

SherylRoush.com and SpeakAndMarketLikeAPro.com

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Speak today; Lead tomorrow.