601 Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Skills for Young People

Speak to Lead LLC 新开设” 青少年情商和领导力培”培训课程。

Speak to Lead LLC is excited to announce the new coaching program: “Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Skills for Young People.”

Class objective: Psychologists and educators long ago established that 80% of a child’s success in his or her academic work, future career and social life depends on Emotional Intelligence. We, as tiger moms and lion dads, have long been so focused on IQ and academic skills development that we have overlooked the need to develop emotional intelligence too, and we’ve had a blind spot when it comes to nurturing our children’s leadership skills.

Emotional intelligence (EI), also known as emotional quotient (EQ), is the capacity of a child to recognize his or her own, and also other people’s emotions, to recognize a variety of different feelings and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide both thinking and behavior. Without doubt, leadership skills are built upon exceptional EQ levels, because in order to lead people we first need a clear understanding of ourselves and the ability to understand others.

Speak to Lead LLC has developed this exciting program to foster EI/EQ and cultivate leadership. Children from the 6th grade and above are invited to enroll in this program.

Interview with Coach Angela

Coach Mo

Class schedule:

Twelve-week program covers

  • Emotional intelligence: (1) Self Awareness, (2) Social Awareness, (3) Stress Management, (4) Grit development, (5) Time management and prioritization, and (6) Listening skills. Leadership skills: (1) Understand your leadership style, (2) Lead an effective team, (3) Plan a project successfully, (4) Motivate others to produce their best effort, (5) Learn how to communicate to different stakeholders, and (6) Practice the art of delegation.
  • Through self-awareness and social awareness practice, we understand our communication style, and more importantly, understand the counterparty’s communication style. We have a better understanding of the root cause of conflict and friction.
  • Through stress management, we practice deep breathing, mediation and concentration skills, which in turn help us with better focus and attention to work and study. We also benefit from reducing anxiety, removing compulsive thinking, and living at present.
  • Through grit development, we expand the attention span, deal with boredom, and practice patience and perseverance.

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联系方式: speaktolead.us@gmail.com

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