Model United Nation Coach: Dr. Jamechia Hoyle

Jamechia Hoyle, DHSc, MPH, MS is a Public Health Consultant and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Global and Community Health at George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.  She currently serves as the 2016-2017 Chair of the Next Generation Global Health Security Leaders.  She also instructs the Emergency Response to Domestic Biological Incidents course at the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training, Baton Rouge, LA.

Dr. Hoyle has managed multiple global public health program activities related to emergency preparedness and response, operational capacity, strategic thinking, response strategies, and clinical guidance for various Category A, B, and C bioterrorism agents.  In addition, Dr. Hoyle has a strong background in international health, with a primary focus on project management, program evaluation, HIV/AIDS, sanitation and hygiene and clean water.  Her work has taken her to Liberia, South Africa, India, Haiti, and Sri Lanka. Dr. Hoyle is an avid yoga practitioner with expertise in mediation and stress management.

She participated in Model UN in middle school and high school. Dr. Hoyle brings her extensive experience in international affairs, global vision and college teaching to our students at Speak to Lead LLC.