801 Interview Preparation and Career Success

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Why you should take this coaching

  • Have you ever struggled to prepare a resume that stands out among hundreds of candidates?
  • Have you ever been unsure about how to prepare for an interview for a dream job? An interview so important that underperforming is not an option?
  • Have you ever been lost for words, not knowing what to say or how to say it, when faced with typical interview questions?
  • Have you ever been unprepared to respond intelligently to unanticipated or surprise questions?
  • If you have been through these “painful” experiences in the past, you may consider seeking professional coaching help through this class.

The Resume Critique and Interview Coaching class helps you (1) address your weaknesses as presented in your resume, (2) improve your interview performance, and most importantly, and (3) boost your confidence in a highly competitive job market.

Who should take this coaching?

The coaching class applies to two types of candidates: (1) newly graduated students with college or advanced degrees; and (2) career-changers who aspire to transition to a more interesting or challenging industry or role. Regardless of your education, background or industry, you will benefit from the class by learning how to polish your resume and enhance your interview skills.

You may consider signing up for the coaching class if you have been through the following experiences:

  • You have experienced helplessness and frustration when you send out hundreds of resumes with no, or very little, enthusiastic response. Diagnosis: It may be because your resume is light in content, has grammar or format errors, or lacks expected key words. It may be because your boiler-plate resume does not fit well with a specific job requirement. It may be because your resume is written in non-standard, non-professional English.
  • You have experienced anxiety and disappointment after you put down the phone or walked out of the interview room. Your gut feeling was that “I blew it!” Diagnosis: You may be too nervous to describe your achievements. You may have an unpleasing accent, so that the interviewers lose interest in listening to you any further. You may have answered the question in an opaque or disorganized way that turns the interviewer off.

What coaching will you receive from this class?

Twelve-week program schedule (subject to adjustment):

  1. Resume / cover letter / LinkedIn page critique
  2. Resume elaboration, reworking and polishing
  3. Soft skills questions preparation
  4. Hard skills questions preparation
  5. Narrative/Storytelling techniques: STAR approach
  6. Interview non-verbal techniques
  7. Phone interview, face to face interview, and panel interview
  8. Business communications (email etiquette and writing sample)
  9. After-interview activities – thank you note, follow-up and salary negotiation
  10. Social networking – interview lunch, table manners, and dress to impress
  11. How to ask intelligent questions
  12. How to leave a great first impression (the lasting impression, not the last impression)

What do we expect you to have accomplished after the coaching class?

  • You will have a professionally reviewed, assessed and edited resume with two rounds of edits.
  • You will have developed the professional habit of updating and refreshing your resume at important milestones in your academic and career life.
  • You will have mastered the action-driven and result-oriented resume writing technique.
  • You will have developed the critical listening skills that are imperative for providing the most effective response to an interviewer.
  • You will have built up a repertoire of stories to show your experience as relevant to a job position.
  • You will start to enjoy the interviewing process! It is mentally challenging and builds your confidence.
  • You will put into action our tips on how to respond to unprepared or even aggressive interview questions.
  • You will have learned how to use humor and non-verbal language to convey your message and build up a bond with the interviewer.

Requested information:

  • Student contact information (phone, WeChat and email)
  • First draft of resume, cover letter and LinkedIn page
  • A job description of your targeted position or from your target firm
  • A voice recording of your self-introduction: “Tell me about yourself, and why you want to join ___ company for this ___ position.”

课程地址: Zoom.us. Meeting code: will provide upon registration.

公司网页: http://SpeaktoLead.us.

联系方式: speaktolead.us@gmail.com

课程注册: https://register.capturepoint.com/SpeaktoLead

Sample interview tips:


About our coaches

Coach Mike Nie, CPA, CFA and MBA, is the head coach of Speak to Lead LLC. Mike has over 19 years of professional experience in the financial and accounting industry. In the past 13 years, Mike has held leadership positions at a Big Four accounting firm and federal financial regulatory agencies (director, inspection leader and branch chief). Mike holds the Chartered Financial Analyst credential, CPA license (Virginia State) and MBA (Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland). He obtained degrees in International Finance at Nankai University, Tianjin, China. He also passed the FINRA securities qualification exams (Series 7 and 27).

Mike holds the “Distinguished Toastmasters” credential (“DTM”), the highest professional credential of Toastmasters International. Mike has coached over 100 Chinese professionals (from graduate students to mid-level managers) in job interview and career success over the past six years. Mike has also coached dozens of Chinese professionals in accent reduction, public speaking and business communication. Coach Mike can be reached at mnie88@gmail.com; or WeChat mnie0002.

Coach Margaret-Ann Williams, Master of Arts in Journalism and Master of Science in Library Science, and Advanced Communicator Silver, Toastmasters International. She has extensive professional writing experience over more than 20 years, including articles, newsletters, press releases, long copy, web copy, brochures, marketing product sheets, magazines and book length publications. She is also experienced in communications activities for both corporate and government sectors, such as public relations, stakeholder relations, formal internal document writing, project support, intranet team site co-ordination, and publication co-ordination.



Testimonial from Amy

November 2014

The coaching Mike provides is amazing! Before meeting with Mike, I had a resume recording all my experiences but did not know how to fully utilize them to get a job offer.

  • Coach Mike customized his coaching based on my background, career goal and positions I am interested in. He showed me how to use a personal story as an effective way to convince the interviewer of my positive personal traits; use structured anecdotes to better catch the attention of interviewers; and how to close strongly at the end of my answers.
  • Coach Mike also conducted mock interviews which were perfect opportunities to practice my body language, vocal variety, eye contact, word choices, and social skills.
  • Coach Mike also coached me in the social network techniques that can be used for casual talk or post-interview lunch with the company employees.
  • Coach Mike provided advice to me on how to negotiate H1-B sponsorship and compensation.

With all the skills and knowledge from Mike, I successfully proved my “match with and passion for” the job, and interviewers were clearly impressed by my “positive energy.” I could not have been fully prepared or passed all rounds of the interviews without Mike’s instruction. After Mike’s coaching, I got an offer from a Big Four accounting firm in its highly competitive financial services practice (H1-B sponsored)!

It’s magical! I definitely recommend his coaching to anyone who is seeking a breakthrough in his/her job-hunting process!

Testimonial from Lisa

December 2016

My Career Coach Mike has provided amazing mentoring to me. It has been a most fruitful and joyful experience working with him.

  • Coach Mike customized his coaching after carefully reviewing my original resume according to my prior experience and career goal. He also advised me how to attract interviewers’ attention by using a combination of my background and structured logic, and how to make my profile “click” among so many candidates.
  • Coach Mike also conducted several mock interviews that helped me behave more naturally and fluently during the interview.
  • Coach Mike also gave me many useful networking tips that have exerted a profound long-term effect in job hunting, and even other important occasions in daily life.
  • Coach Mike provided precious insights into how to craft an outstanding follow-up letter and maintain good relationships with recruiters (even if an interview is fruitless) as well as some advice on how to negotiate compensation.

With all the skills and knowledge from Mike, I successfully got a well-paid internship offer. It is the best and most exciting new opportunity to ever come into my life and has given me a stronger drive to succeed in my future career path.

I definitely recommend Coach Mike to anyone who is seeking powerful support or a breakthrough in his or her job search process. You will never regret your investment in such a rewarding coaching experience!