Coach Mike’s Speech 9-22-2016 in front of the County School Board

This is Coach Mike’s speech in front of the Fairfax County, Virginia, School Board on September 22, 2016 to voice his concern over the imprudent immoral gender identity policy (time: 12’03).

Speech Techniques used:

  1. Speak without the script
  2. Vocal variety to show anger
  3. Eye contact to each board member
  4. Storytelling: A Japanese teacher
  5. Compare and contrast  (Japan vs US)
  6. Alliteration and Echo: intrusive and abusive, happy and healthy
  7. Hand gesture
  8. Power of Three: re-consider, re-align and re-establish
  9. Prop: a dollar bill
  10. Full circle: loving, caring and nurturing environment.
  11. Ask rhetorical questions: why do we waste time on nonsensical issue?
  12. Use emotional words: rock my bones, shook my core and made me ashamed

I thank Coach Alice and fellow Toastmaster Laura, DTM, for their precious coaching points.

Speech transcript


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