Below are Head Coach’s answers to the commonly asked questions since the inception of the program. Given the continual improvement and development of the program, certain details or features have changed, removed or added. Please reach out to us for any updated information.

  1. Speak to Lead Programs introduced by Coach Juliette Brown and Coach Margret Ann Williams:
    • 101 Foundational Skills
    • 201 Intermediary Skills
    • 301 Contest Preparation
    • 401 Speech Writing
    • 501 Model United Nation


2. Speak to Lead LLC and Head Coach Mike

3. Coach Team

4. Program offering

5. What is Zoom.us and what are the benefits?
6. Functions and features of zoom.us
7. Sample speech run on the zoom virtual classroom

8. Coaching class format

9. Office hour to meet the coach one-to-one

10. Weekly class summary and homework assignment

11. How to register my child into class?

12. How to register my office hour?

13. How to register in special events?


Sample screenshots from the zoom.us online classroom:

Zoom classroom sample