Coach Angela Wang

As a member of the University of Chicago Class of 2020, Angela specializes in the Humanities and has an immense appreciation for language as a tool of expression and empowerment. For her four years of high school,

she participated in Model United Nations, Youth and Government, and speech and Debate competitions. In her public speaking career, she has earned the titles of “Outstanding Delegate” in numerous debate conferences and has been chosen twice as one of the 25 delegates out of 2,000 high school students to represent the tri-state area in the YMCA national debate conference, known as the Conference of National Affairs. Additionally, she was a state spelling bee champion in middle school and has earned Silver Keys with her work in creative writing. She gained had teaching experience when she traveled to Sichuan to teach English to impoverished Chinese students. She is training to become an educator in the state-sponsored Urban Teachers Academy.


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