701 Business Writing and Corporate Communication for Professionals


Program Objectives

  • Provide a balanced coaching in business writing, corporate communication and vocabulary building to enable the professionals to succeed in the highly competitive Corporate America
  • Clear and concise writing is a critical skill for us to success in the corporate environment
  • Speaking with confidence and competence enables us to obtain credibility and visibility in professional circle
  • What word and expression we use determines how people perceive us and in turn determines our status on the corporate ladder
  • Target Audience: Professionals who use English as a second language and who see the need to polish their writing and speaking skills at work and in life

Watch the class open house on February 18, 2017.

Here is the summary of the workshop:

We discussed the developmental needs of professionals to (1) communicate concisely and precisely in business writing; (2) speak clearly and confidently in various corporate settings (conference call, team meeting, happy hour, and negotiation); and (3) choose the right vocabulary in various scenarios and circumstances.

We analyzed a sample resume, a sample business email and a sample business letter.

  • Tips about resume writing: (1) make sure the objective and education/experience are closely aligned; (2) use action-driven verbs; and (3) enrich the content to capture the key words in your profession and manifest your experience relevant to the job requirement.
  • Tips about email writing: (1) avoid over-communicating, (2) create a clear subject line, (3) keep message clear and brief, (4) be polite and professional, and (5) proof read to avoid any sloppiness in writing.
  • Tips about business letter: (1) put audience as the priority, (2) improve the readability, (3) focus on conciseness, precision and specificity, (4) be mindful of grammar usage, and (5) choose the right words.

Watch Coach Margret Ann Williams and Mike Nie on Why we offer “Business Writing.”

Program Content and Schedule (subject to change)

Week 1:

  • How to write in “Plain English” style
  • How to host a conference call
  • Emotional vocabulary

Week 2:

  • How to reduce grammar and other writing errors
  • How to give a great elevator speech
  • Meeting words

Week 3:

  • How to approach any written communication
  • Why I hit the career wall for so long?
  • Happy hour

Week 4:

  • How to write the language of business
  • How to get yourself out of trouble at work
  • Sport words

Week 5:

  • How to write a professional email
  • How to avoid being a scapegoat at work
  • Fine differences among words

Week 6:

  • How to write a clear and concise memo
  • How to diffuse criticism
  • Frequently used words in selling

Week 7:

  • How to write a business letter
  • How to resolve a conflict at work
  • Five senses words

Week 8:

  • How to write a winning proposal
  • How to deal with office politics
  • Professional vocabulary

Week 9:

  • How to prepare a powerful PowerPoint
  • Why have I hit the wall in my career for so long
  • Business idioms

Week 10:

  • How to write a white paper/report
  • How to succeed in business negotiations
  • Root and expansion of words

Week 11:

  • How to write a marketing brochure
  • How to give constructive feedback
  • The SAT High-Frequency Words

Week 12:

  • How to write a training manual
  • How to remember people’s names
  • Political incorrectness words

Program Format

  • Writing sample deep dive
  • Individual writing critique
  • Presentation skill exercise
  • Experience sharing
  • Role playing and evaluation
  • One-to-one coaching

课程地址: Zoom.us. Meeting code: will provide upon registration.

公司网页: http://SpeaktoLead.us.

联系方式: speaktolead.us@gmail.com

课程注册: https://register.capturepoint.com/SpeaktoLead

Coach Mike Nie, CPA, CFA and MBA, is the head coach of Speak to Lead LLC. Mike has over 19 years of professional experience in the financial and accounting industry. He has held leadership positions at a Big Four accounting firm and federal financial regulatory agencies (director, inspection leader and branch chief). Mike holds the Chartered Financial Analyst credential, CPA license (Virginia State) and MBA (Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland). He also passed the FINRA securities qualification exams (Series 7 and 27). Mike holds the “Distinguished Toastmasters” credential (“DTM”), the highest professional credential of Toastmasters International. Mike has coached over 100 Chinese professionals (from graduate students to mid-level managers) in career success over the past six years.

Coach Margaret-Ann Williams, Master of Arts in Journalism and Master of Science in Library Science, and Advanced Communicator Silver of Toastmaster International. She has versatile professional writing experience for more than 20 years, including articles, newsletters, press releases, long copy, web copy, brochures, marketing product sheets, magazines and book length publications. She is also experienced in communications activities for both corporate and government sectors, such as public relations, stakeholder relations, formal internal document writing, project support, intranet team site co-ordination, publication co-ordination.

Coach Dennis Young, Ph.D., Professor of English of various U.S universities. Professor Young taught Chinese professionals in communication (both verbal and oral) for over a dozen years.

See Coach Margret-Ann writing edit over Coach Mike’s write-ups and see the power of enhancement.

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