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Speak to Lead LLC invites Sheryl Roush, a professional speaker, to present to our students, parents and friends. In this lively webinar, Coach Sheryl will assess your communication skills, then explore insights and techniques to apply immediately to public speaking, leadership, marketing, job interviewing, advocacy, relationships, and parenting.

You will:

  • Discover the 7 communication channels and tactics to connect with each listening type
  • Gain insights into effective structure, organization and delivery
  • Learn tips to save time crafting ANY type of presentation

Time / date: 7:15 P.M. Eastern Time / 4: 15 P.M. Pacific, Sunday, April 2, 2017

Log in: Zoom.us. Meeting code: 878 271 2588 (a special passcode will be distributed at the time of sign-up).

Registration website: https://register.capturepoint.com/SpeaktoLead

A small fee is required: $5 per person (to cover the expense). Speak to Lead students (current and prior) are free!

Please mail check to “PO Box 3276, Fairfax VA 22038.” Check payable to “Speak to Lead, LLC” or pay credit card at the registration website above.

About the Speaker:

Sheryl Roush is the CEO of Sparkle Presentations, Inc., based in San Diego, California. She has been a professional speaker since 1987, and a speaking coach since 1990. With her degree in Commercial Art, and over 40 years in graphic design, she blends her expertise helping others Speak And Market Like A Pro.™

She has been a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association since 1990, and received Member of the Year of two chapters and the Golden Microphone Award. Sheryl served as 2005 President of International Coach Federation/San Diego Chapter. As Director of Speaker Training for the U.S. Olympic Training Center she started the Speakers Bureau, coaching Olympians in their speaking skills.

She has presented over 3,500 presentations in 12 countries, speaking to audiences as few as 10, and to as large as 5,000. Sheryl is also a 17-time published author, received the 2016 Author of Influence Award. Her Heart of a Toastmaster book won “Best Anthology” from the International Book Awards.

SherylRoush.com and SpeakAndMarketLikeAPro.com


Important Announcement 2

“Speak to Lead” 教练团队Welcome You!

”Speak to  Lead”教练团队经过细心地打磨,推出了2017年春季ONLINE课程,包括初级演讲、中级演讲课程,包含基础 debate、演讲稿写作和演讲比赛准备三个部分的综合模块课程以及加入时下流行的青少年成长所必需的”Grit”的情商和领导力课程,还有成人的商务写作与交流课程。

小学三年级以上的对public speaking 和领导力感兴趣的学生,都可以在”Speak to Lead”找到适合的课程。

“Speak to Lead”拥有强大而专业的教练团队,他们都是长期献身于leadership事业,资历很高的专业speaker,除自己本身都具有丰富演讲经验外,还有多年教授演讲的经验。在他们的指导下,孩子们一定会在演讲能力上得到很大提高,为以后打下坚实的基础。




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Youth Public Speaking and Leadership Program


The success of a person in his or her life depends on many factors – including talent, passion, and perseverance. Soft skills, especially leadership skills and communication skills, play a pivotal role. Using soft skills, a young person can evolve into an effective communicator, a rational thinker – and even a visionary leader!

The mission of Speak to Lead Youth Public Speaking and Leadership Program – is to provide a supportive and positive learning environment in which every young person has the opportunity to rdevelop communication and leadership skills. This, in turn, fosters self-confidence, personal growth and social and emotional intelligence.