401 Speech Writing Coaching


Program Objective

Designed for experienced speakers who

(1) have finished Speak to Lead – PLE fundamental, intermediate and advanced speech technique coaching;

(2) have demonstrated a mastery of key public speaking skills;
(3) aspire to hone  critical thinking skills and speech script writing skills; and

(4) are ambitious to build a powerful vocabulary and to develop an informative and influential speech.

Note: For students who are new to Speak to Lead-PLE, a speech recording is mandatory for evaluation, assessment, and placement into speech writing Coaching

Target Students:

Advanced level students

Coach(es) (Subject to change)

Margaret Ann Williams and Mike

Age Group4th grade and above

Twelve-Week Program

  1. Decide what the audience wants to hear
  2. Put topics in order
  3. Begin your speech
  4. End your speech
  5. Control speech length
  6. Establish credibility
  7. Make your speech enjoyable
  8. Find the emotional words
  9. Define your own speech style
  10. Create great punch lines
  11. Use humor
  12. Use lightening words

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