301 Module-Based Coaching


Program Objective

Designed to passionate and effective speakers who (1) have finished Speak to Lead fundamental and intermediate speech technique coaching; (2) have demonstrated a mastery of key public speaking skills; (3) have expressed interest and desire to compete at the state or national level in youth public speaking events; and (4) who aspire to be a great speech writer and debater.

Note: For students who are to Speak to Lead, a speech recording is mandatory for evaluation, assessment, and placement.

Target Students:

Advanced level students

Coach(es) (Subject to change)

Coaches of three people from diverse background

Interview with Coach Nick


Age Group4th grade and above

Twelve-Week Program (Content subject to change

  1. Debate Coaching
    • Debate Week 1: Assertion, Reasoning, and Evidence
    • Debate Week 2: Research, Cross-examination and Refutation
    • Debate Week 3: Debate techniques
    • Debate Week 4: Policy debate
    • Debate Week 5: Public forum debate
    • Debate Week 6: Lincoln–Douglas debate
  2. Speech Script Writing
    • Week 1: Decide what to say to the audience
    • Week 2: Big beginning and enduring ending
    • Week 3: Use humorous, emotional and lightening words
  3. Speech Competition
    • Week 1: Informative Speaking Competition
    • Week 2: Humorous Interpretation Competition
    • Week 3: Extemporaneous Speaking Competition

课程地址: Zoom.us. Meeting code: will provide upon registration.