101 Fundamental Public Speaking Skills


Program Objective

Designed for fourth grade and above. Students will have little or no public speaking experience. The Program teaches ten fundamental skills to help set up a solid foundation so they can face the audience confidently and deliver a good speech.

Target Students

Students who have little or no public speaking skills, or students with stage fright (shy, lacking confidence, nervous, or refusing)

Coach(es) (Subject to change)

Coach Ms. Mo (Age Group:Middle School or above) and Mr. Nick (Age Group:3rd grade to 6th grade).

See the coach interview with Nick:

See the coach interview with Mo Hamilton, DTM


Twelve-Week Program

  1. Self-introduction speech
  2. Speech structure
  3. Maintain a theme
  4. Word choice in the speech
  5. Vocal variety
  6. Body language
  7. Eye contact
  8. Visual aid
  9. Humorous speech
  10. Motivational speech
  11. Storytelling speech
  12. Informative speech

课程地址: Zoom.us. Meeting code: will provide upon registration.

公司网页: http://SpeaktoLead.us.

联系方式: speaktolead.us@gmail.com

课程注册: https://register.capturepoint.com/SpeaktoLead

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